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Specialist Services

High Value Cars

Spotless is experienced at valeting high value cars, both modern and classic, for a range of clients across the UK. All Spotless staff are comprehensively trained, insured and certified to apply the finest chemicals to the most delicate surfaces, ensuring the best finish possible. Please contact a member of the office team to arrange a bespoke visit 01202 612612.

Car Collections

Across the Spotless network our staff service a range of private and public car collections. Spotless operatives have experience working on all marques and the vast majority of models. Spotless has staff that specialise in the restoration of interior and exterior surfaces; metal, wooden, carbon fibre, plastic and fabric. Professionalism and discretion is assured. Spotless can provide cover for existing staff, implement a rolling service schedule or an extensive one off detailing package. Spotless has a select group of technicians that hold NATO security clearance and do work both inside and outside of the EU.

‘Out of the Ordinary’ Services

As a company we pride ourselves to rising to any challenge. At present we provide services for a whole range of non-standard vehicles; for private individuals, large scale companies or government institutions. Unlike any other valeting company our broad range of experience and clearance means that we can go to places and achieve results that others simply can’t. We currently provide specialist valeting services for ultra large crane operators, the Ministry of Defence, Private Security companies, foreign embassies and much more. To discuss an out of the ordinary service in more depth call +44 (0)1202 610 394 or email tim.morris@spotlessmobile.co.uk.

Full Day Details

A full day detail allows a Spotless technician to have enough time with your car to provide a fully comprehensive service and ensure that all the surfaces are at their best. For cars in a poor condition often the results are fully transformative and add considerable value to the vehicle.


Cleaning Process
1. The car is thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, grime and traffic film.
2. A claybar is used on the whole car (bodywork and windows) to remove any tar deposits, tree sap or hard impurities.
3. Alloy or spoke wheels are removed (where possible) and given a comprehensive clean both on the exterior and the interior.
4. The brake callipers cleaned with a PH neutral cleaner.
5. The exhaust tips, vents and grills all are cleaned and polished.
6. The vehicle is fully dried with an air compressor to ensure that there is no water left in hard to reach areas.
7. All glass is polished using a specialist glass polish.

Restoration Process
8. The paintwork is fully inspected and any areas for restoration are highlighted.
9. The bodywork is lightly compounded with a rotary machine polisher to remove light imperfections from the surface including, scratches and swirl marks.
10. The rotary machine polisher is then used to apply a fine polish to bring the paint back up to its original lustre.

11. A thick coating of High Definition wax is applied to the paintwork to protect the newly restored finish.
12. The glass is coated in a protective chemical and a rain repellent sealant.
13. If the vehicle has a convertible hood it is treated and coated with a protective water guard.
14. The tyres are then dressed to give them a brand new look

We will need your car for at least 12 hours and a pre-detail inspection will be required. Please note that the length of time needed on a vehicle varies hugely in-line with condition and age, a full bespoke quote will be provided. From £225.

Specialist Services