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Car Clubs

Arranging support for large fleets of vehicles takes considerable management, particularly for car clubs, and has been incredibly difficult, convoluted and time consuming until now. At Spotless Mobile, we are specialists in providing clients with full ‘touch free’ maintenance for car clubs and fleets using telematics systems, allowing your staff to concentrate on more important tasks.

Our focus is to get the highest member experience while increasing utilisation of your fleet, dropping maintenance downtime, giving you an edge in the competitive car sharing marketplace. We know what car clubs want and the unique challenges they face. We build tailored packages from floating platforms, refuelling roadside and relocating vehicles, to fixed single car locations in rural areas, depending on what your fleet needs.

From our fully equipped Spotless vans, our technicians can perform a wide range of services in a safe, professional and efficient manner across the UK, from Aberdeen to the Isle of Wight, giving you complete flexibility as your fleet grows in size.


Roadside valeting – Vehicle safety checks – Express maintenance – Roadside refuelling


We understand that large amounts of capital are tied into vehicle fleets in locations that can make them vulnerable, not cared for and abused by members of the public. By keeping vehicles “Spotless” and in great condition, our clients have found that damage levels drop, as better care is taken when members are on hire.

Better care for your fleet also increases value at end of vehicle hire life, and opens up a longer hire life before de-fleeting. We use systems that save time, such as pure water and snow foam which give a “Spotless finish” in a fraction of the time, saving you money and giving you results.

We have a vast amount of experience in fixed location, floating and peer-to-peer platforms. Spotless is able to re-fuel car club vehicles roadside with its mobile-based fuel delivery system on every clean and maintenance check. For a short trip, floating model, this adds an extra USP to your business. It saves in-house teams the expensive task of driving to fuel stations, prevents customers checking into vehicles with low fuel and even completely removes the need for fuel cards.

By operating 24 hours a day, we drop maintenance time during high member utilising times, helping you to monetise your fleet. We have perfected our set up and operate so efficiently we will not be beaten on price. If you currently run your operation in-house, you may be surprised at the savings and greatly improved service without any hassle!

Environmental Compliance

Often, valeting services are regarded as non-environmentally friendly. This is why, at Spotless, we strictly follow environmental IS0 14001 standards. Our legacy as a company is to provide our services with the minimum detrimental impact to the environment. For locations that include underground car parks with no drainage, we can offer dry wash solutions.


Partnering with Autosmart, we use chemicals that have the lowest, negative impact on the environment whilst retaining their effectiveness. We also buy in huge bulk that creates extra impressive savings.


We use pure water which is created in our depots and gives a “Spotless finish” without having to chamis, also saving time. Using this drops our water usage on each vehicle.


All mobile visits are planned by our head office using routing software so that the minimum travel distance is created, cutting an estimated 30% off fuel consumption.


All our vehicles are low emission VW caddy vans which have a hybrid power system to power all onboard equipment, dropping our CO2 by 60%.

“We have a vast amount of experience in fixed location, floating and peer-to-peer platforms”


We operate industry-leading car club maintenance vehicles which help us to deliver a market leading service. Our vans have evolved over the years and are built take heavy usage, giving us extremely low downtime. This means we will not let you down when you need us. Our vans are built to do the job as fast as possible whilst delivering very high standards.


This has been designed and built specifically for Spotless, for which we hold the IP. This is built to military standards whilst delivering very efficient usage. When operating in urban areas at night, the power system drops our noise pollution by over 75%. It also has dropped our CO2 emissions by 60%.


We are the only company in the UK valeting industry (Correct Jan 2017) that has the correct IET wiring regulations that conform to 17th Edition to operate 240V from a vehicle. All companies powering inverters or generators from work vehicles are doing so illegally.

Our vans are all fitted with LED hazard light bars and flashing LED beacons in the front grill with onboard road cones and pavement signs to abide to all health and safety working roadside laws.

“Using industry-leading vans saves us time, saving you money and gives a professional image to the public”


Every fleet customer is allocated an operations account manager as a direct point of contact within Spotless. All of our services can be tailored around fleet specific needs. Our services are designed to minimise disruption and maximise fleet appearance, helping you to focus on your business. Some of our services include:


With cycles to suit your car club fleet, we typically operate a 12 day cycle. This is carried out roadside or on location, in addition to our 45 point check that gives you confidence in the state of your fleet.


We offer emergency, last minute or overnight valets to ensure that your fleet is online to the highest level possible. We work our tasks through a ticketing system that can be our own or your fleet’s reporting system.


We have a team dedicated to scheduling routes and handling emergency tickets. Our team has full admin access to your platform to ensure we offer a completely hassle-free service with no time delays.


We offer end of lease valets and on hire valets to deal with member accidents to keep vehicles “Spotless”.

“Make one of your USPs perfectly valeted car club vehicles”


Our London depot is a specialist, market-leading depot, offering all car club vehicles within the M25 a thoroughly managed service to the 6000 London car club vehicles (Jan 2017). Our technicians have face-to-face management at the start/end of their shift, which is a key part of Spotless’ success in this market.


We carry out our own in-house audits twice a week on each of our technicians, which are then fed back to them in a one-to-one weekly performance meeting. All our audits are shared with our clients.


All interviewing and recruitment takes place at our training school in London, including for Spotless franchisees. All our technicians go through a very intensive training program before getting signed off by a member of our senior management team.


Working roadside can be a dangerous place to work. We have partnered with specialist health and safety consultant, Ellis Whittiam, who ensures all risk assessments and health & safety practices are met. Part of this is an e-learning course on each technicians initial training, and includes ongoing testing to ensure correct practices are carried out.

“We have a trained team of professional technicians across the UK”


We provide fleet services in every part of the UK. Our service is consistent and reliable and managed centrally from our head office.


Our franchise network is our key to offering full UK coverage. It does not matter if your car club model is a small cluster of vehicles in a rural area or a dense coverage in a major city, we can still maintain them.

We also offer emergency services on an hourly rate from our franchise network so that you always have help close by when needed. All our franchisees are trained in both car club fleet maintenance and private valeting services.


Our 45 point car club vehicle check (mini MOT) ensures your fleet is in a safe, road worthy condition meeting all BVRLA and insurance criteria.


All our technicians carry iPads to access your platform and report checks live. This can be done through Google check forms which creates an excel report, or through your fleet’s current management reporting software. This is accessed by you and Spotless management for auditing purposes.


Part of the check is starting the engine and checking for warning lights. All warning lights are reported and reset where necessary.


Any damage is photographed and attached to a ‘ticket’ on the platform. Any small tasks, such as replacing wing mirrors and wiper blades, are done during the check.


Any car club material such as manuals, pens, air fresheners and stickers can all be replaced where needed.

“We tailor our packages around each car club’s requirements”


All our pricing is a fixed price per vehicle which is an average across your fleet. We offer large discounts to large fleets with 400 and more vehicles. Each contract is priced individually depending on the level of service required at each visit and the drive time between vehicles. Please contact us for a quotation.


We offer the following extra services: roadside refuelling, flat battery charge/jump, vehicle relocation, telematics replacement, bulb replacement, coolant/oil/screen wash refill, stain removal, odour removal, animal hair removal, bodily fluids removal.


Exterior - Full snow foam, pure water jet wash, wheels cleaned & dressed, insect & bird droppings removed and windows cleaned.

Interior - Full interior vacuum, door seals cleaned, windows and mirrors cleaned, air freshener, full dust down, any residue removed from cup holders.

45 Point Check – Major checks to include tyres, mileage, locks, seat belts, spare wheel and lights.

Other – Move vehicle back to correct location, top up engine fluids, dealing with parking tickets, reporting damage, replacing marketing material, checking parking permits.


"We have been working with Spotless for two years now and we have been very impressed with their service, especially given our specific business requirements which includes smaller clusters of cars in various towns and cities across the UK. They have been fantastic to work with in looking after our car safety checks and valeting at a set time period in each area, and we have received feedback from members reflecting their excellent cleans.

Every now and then we have industry specific issues, such as a window being left open on a vehicle, which can give us very wet car in bad weather! Spotless have been happy to add in emergency work to their standard schedule to try and get vehicles back on the road quicker. As we have been adding new areas and new vehicles.

Spotless has been very good at adding these into current routes, and creating new routes for us in line with our own business requirements. Spotless’ health and safety and road risk management is very thorough and gives us confidence when the vans are travelling and working in different areas of the country. All of the Spotless vans have full hazard lights, reflective highway marking, road cones and the staff are in fully branded, high visibility uniform.

We are very impressed overall with the professionalism of our main contacts, who always give us warning if scheduled days need to change and provide a full report on the cars post-clean. I will happily recommend Spotless to any other car clubs as a reputable company with very high standards."

- Ellie Grebenik, Co Wheels UK

“Spotless have provided a great service to the Zipcar fleet - we have been very impressed with their contemporary fleet of vans which are fitted out with the latest equipment to deliver a reliable and professional service. Their back office team have been a pleasure to work with and are always there to help.

The management team are very professional and efficient in the way they operate, including the admin and logistics, which we have been really impressed with. The quality of their cleans has been consistently very high, thanks Spotless!

- Katy Hinks, Senior Manager Fleet & Logistics, Zipcar UK”