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Specialist Services

Large Yachts

The Spotless marine team have experience valeting and maintaining many large boats across the UK and Europe. From the fleet of fully equipped vans Spotless offers a service that ensures every aspect of a large yacht is kept clean and in good condition. Each Spotless operator is comprehensively trained, insured and certified to work on all major types of private craft. Spotless works closely with many of the major boat manufacturers. For commercial craft or to arrange a bespoke quote please contact the marine team on +44 (0) 1202 610 394.

Our Areas of Expertise

Carpets – Spotless is certified to apply a range of carpet protections. The Spotless staff can advise you and your crew on the best protection based on factors such as the type of fabric to be protected, the location on the boat and the level of protection required. Spotless also provides carpet cleaning and restoration services.

Fabrics – Across the marine market an enormous range of fabrics are used to adorn the interior of a boat. Whilst many of these fabrics are hard wearing and stand up to the harsh environments they encounter, many, particularly the finer fabrics, need professional care. The Spotless marine team have experience cleaning, protecting and restoring many delicate and fine fabrics on-board all areas of the boat.

Teak – Second only to oxidised paintwork, faded teak is the second most common issue that affects a marine craft’s outward appearance. Regular maintenance is needed and Spotless, in partnership with Wessex Chemicals, use a three stage method to restore teak to its original colour and condition. Teak dyeing services are also available on request.

Paintwork – Regular maintenance of a boat’s paintwork is crucial. The most common request for the Spotless marine team is to restore faded paintwork back to its original condition. To arrange an inspection and a quote please contact the marine team on +44 (0) 1202 610 394.

Foreign Operations

Spotless operates across Europe and we have close links with the A1 Yacht Trade Consortium in Greece and the BWA Yachting Network, covering Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey, France, Spain Italy, Malta, Corsica, USA and the Caribbean. We are trusted by large premium yacht manufacturers and you can be confident that we can meet your cleaning needs wherever your boat may be. For more details on our coverage or to enquire about a foreign service please contact the marine team on +44 (0) 1202 610 394.

Race Preparation

We have particular experience in pre-race hull preparation and we can comprehensively valet all classes of sailing and motor craft to racing specifications. Our clients have noticed the significant difference a professionally prepared hull can make to race speed. You can speak to one of our marine specialists today and we can arrange an onsite or online consultation.

Specialist Services