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The Company

Spotless Mobile was started by Tim Morris over 15 years ago, initially as a weekend job operating from a sign written trolley doing neighbours cars whilst at school with a passion for cars and high standards! He quickly built up the business having finished school to a fleet of four vans with 6 full time staff.

After perfecting the set up in Dorset Spotless changed its business model to offer franchises to drive a fast roll out across the UK. We have over 250 territories available nationwide with 32 territories in London, for more information please check out the franchising section on Spotless website. We serve a whole raft of VIPs, high net worth’s, foreign royalty and many celebrities cars.

Spotless has become the UK’s leading maintenance specialist for car clubs and pier to pier hire platforms, we have contracts with some of the UK’s biggest car clubs, offering “AA” roadside services to assist large hire networks visiting each vehicle on a 10 day cycle carrying out a express valet and mini MOT checks. We assist car clubs to get the highest member experience, reducing offline cars and helping vehicle utilisation in a quickly growing market place which is targeted by TFL (Transport for London) to grow by 10 times by 2025.

Mission Statement

“At Spotless we have a mission to challenge the industry standard and to raise the bar. Finding gaps in our market place and delivering unravelled service levels while establishing a culture that supports our team members, so they can provide exceptional service to our clients”

Meet The Management Team

Tim Morris – Chairman

I have always had a passion for cars and high standards. I started Spotless Mobile over 15 years ago, initially as a weekend job whilst at school, operating from a sign-written trolley to clean my neighbour’s cars.

Today, Spotless is the UK’s leading maintenance specialist for car clubs and peer-to-peer hire platforms. We have contracts with some of the UK’s biggest car clubs. We offer express valet, ‘mini MOT’ safety checks and maintenance services for the fast-growing car club and car sharing market place.

I am passionate in all that I do and take great pride in the running of the business, optimising operations and delivering growth during times of exciting change. I particularly enjoy working in a fast paced and growing market place.

At the weekends and in my free time, I enjoy energetic outdoor activities such as snowboarding, running and kitesurfing.

Karina Nixon – Managing Director

I have a background in senior management with a focus on HR. I am also experienced in logistics and planning and finding the most efficient route in any system.

I particularly enjoy working with and managing teams of people, and gain much fulfilment in seeing individuals grow and evolve in their career. I enjoy unifying teams and creating a great and positive work environment.

I love my role at Spotless as every day is different and full of challenges. The energy and professionalism of the business makes this an exciting place to work and I am proud of what we have achieved so far.

When not at work, I enjoy the arts, literature, country walks and sailing.

Neil Goodacre – Fleet Manager

I joined the company in 2015 as a Mobile Valeting Technician and through hard work and determination, progressed through the company to Fleet Manager.

This is a great role and it also helps having a great bunch of colleagues who I enjoy working with every day. I enjoy the management, organisation and ensuring things are running smoothly. I also enjoy auditing our technicians and praising great work or offering support in our weekly one to one meetings. I like to think ‘outside the box’ and deliver a ‘can-do’ approach.

At Spotless, we have a fleet of state-of- the-art vehicles which are all fully kitted out for all our professional valeting needs. We have a high reputation for quality and service within the industry and every team member plays their part in ensuring we are the UK’s leading number one valeting specialists.

I have always loved working outdoors and have always had a real passion for cars and valeting cars to the highest standard. To see the end result from a before and after shot is a great feeling. As one of the longest serving members of staff at Spotless, I also love seeing the company go from strength to strength and seeing just how far we have all come from where it all began.

I have been a member at Mill Hill Golf Club for 8 years now, so I like to wind down after a busy week on my local golf course and pretend to be the next Tiger Woods, when actually all I seem to be doing is looking for all the golf balls that I have lost! I am also a big football fan, love my motorsport also and enjoy going to all the UK’s major racing events.

Simon Phan – Day Shift Trainer

I have been with Spotless as a Mobile Valeting Technician since July 2015, progressing to Day Shift Trainer. Starting in the summer was a great time of the year to be outdoors more often!

I love that every day is a challenge, and that I have to work hard to achieve my targets. It also tests my abilities and strength every day, and for my own personal satisfaction, I always need to give all my effort to achieve the best results. I take pride in my training and seeing new team members that I have trained progress to be highly skilled technicians. I enjoy leading a modern and forward thinking training centre in central London.

Our vans are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing me with everything I need for a “Spotless” valet. It has everything from de-ionised water, jet washer, hoover, air compressor to all our professional chemicals. It has everything I need to allow me to perform my job to my high level of satisfaction. We are completely mobile so we do not need external resources or power sources from anywhere else.

Outside of work, I have a huge interest in football, television and Formula 1. I find I have a particular interest in racing in general, playing a lot of racing games and following Formula 1 since I was young. I also like to travel, having been to China, Canada, India and a number of European countries, which allows me to have a first-hand view into the different cultures we have even though we are all on the same planet.

Mario Stanescu – Night Shift Trainer

I joined Spotless Mobile in 2015 and am now proud to be our Night Shift Trainer.

I get to the our Head Office every day at 3pm which enables me to liaise with our day team. I try to stay in touch with the whole team to ensure they know what’s going on and feel included in what’s happening.

For me, every day is different, with a strong emphasis on quality of services. Every car has to look perfect, as well as my van. I am also responsible for ensuring that everything is in great condition in the Spotless vans, and making sure that our products are topped up and ready to go.

I enjoy training new team members and sharing our high standards at our technician training centre. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them.

In my days off I like to play tennis and rugby and I also love travelling.